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Like a lot of RCC board members my head is often left spinning as I try to keep track of the status of issues in our neighborhood. Some items like graffiti removal or illegal dumping get resolved in a few days whereas other issues like homelessness in Clay Park take months/years to resolve. Up until now there hasn’t been a central place to go to even know what all of the issues are much less know the current status.

With that in mind I created a page on the RCC website designed to help us keep track of ongoing, unresolved, or repetitive items that are often talked about. We want to encourage every community member to keep reporting things on the Get It Done app but at the same time we know that sometimes a Get It Done report doesn’t unfortunately “get it done” here in Rolando.

How does it work?


Fill out the simple form with information from your Get It Done email confirmation and click “submit.”  We will follow-up with you to suggest next steps and hopefully help you get the issue resolved. The online form is connected to a Google Spreadsheet that board members have access to, can review at our monthly board meeting, and we will hopefully be able to track the progress of issues, suggesting next steps towards resolution.

While we can’t promise resolution at least we can create a starting point of better tracking known issues, how many times they are getting reported, and what’s being done about it.

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  1. Need for another Porta Potty at Clay Park soon.
    There is a meeting tonight.

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