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Today, city council voted 8-0 to amend the original Centerpoint Settlement agreement. This is big news and we want to highlight what this means for the neighborhood:

  • Two things happen simultaneously. First, there’s city council action between BLVD63 and the City of San Diego for some items. Second, there’s an agreement between BLVD63 and the Rolando Community Council for other items. Basically, there were some items the RCC asked for that the city couldn’t be party to, so we did them as a side agreement.
  • Residents of BLVD63 will begin parking in the garage. This might take a little while to implement, we are working with them on that. In the future, residents will not only have access to the garage as part of their lease, they’ll also be required to park in the garage as part of their lease. This means 150-250 cars will come off Rolando street and go into their secure garage.
  • BLVD63 can begin leasing by-the-bedroom. While this was an original restriction, the more we learned about this, the more we liked it. This will give BLVD63 contact information & a guarantor for every single tenant… which will help them better manage behavior on the property and ultimately benefit the neighborhood.
  • BLVD63 will be much more involved in the neighborhood. If you’ve been to an RCC meeting you’ve probably already seen this. But we’re excited that this new agreement comes with a commitment to be the headline sponsor of the Street Fair for the next 10 years.
  • Along with the increased participation, BLVD63 will be making an annual donation to the RCC. This helps us put the Street Fair on firm footing as well as help us reach our goal of more grant giving to benefit local non-profits, Clay Park, Clay Elementary, and other efforts directly benefiting the neighborhood.
  • Good Neighbor Provisions. You’ll start seeing more active trash clean-up on the sidewalks outside of BLVD63 along 63rd, Stanley, and Seminole. (At least twice per week) Security staff will be more visible and responsive. (You can report any problem with BLVD63 on our contact page, it’s tracked and followed-up with.)
  • BLVD63 is capping occupancy at 1,379 residents. There is currently no cap on occupancy and that was a major concern voices at our Community Forum last year.
  • We will be hosting twice per year listening sessions so that we can address any new challenges that may arise.

You can view all of the supporting documents that went to City Council here.

There will be much more about this, including the process we went through, in the upcoming edition of the Rolando News.

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  1. Thabk you. I’m sure the residents who haven’t already moved out of the steeets adjacent to the park and Blvd. 63 will appreciate the provisions. This was long overdue. Thank you for the clean-up efforts. Our family has a similar experience with nightly clean-up and increased security around NP Observatory. It works.

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